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Faculty Excellence Award

Has a Lourdes faculty member motivated, pushed, inspired, helped you? To nominate a full-time faculty member for the Faculty Excellence Award, please review the criteria and complete the form below.

Criteria of Excellence - Please nominate full-time faculty members who demonstrate the following qualities:

Intellectually demanding and rigorous

  • is thought-provoking and intellectually demanding
  • relates course material to other fields, contemporary issues, student experiences

Deeply committed to teaching and students

  • is enthusiastic about teaching
  • is conscientious, organized, and well-prepared for class
  • is concerned about individual students and their development
  • is readily available to students
  • engages students and stimulates participation

Has positive and lasting impact on students

  • inspires students to excel
  • promotes critical reading, thinking, and writing
  • affects students’ educational and career goals and achievements
* Required

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