Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Presentations on hot topics, with lunch and lively discussion! A lunch of soup, sandwiches, and dessert is included.

Reservations are strongly encouraged at least one week prior

Fridays, 11:15 a.m.–12:45 p.m.
Franciscan Center Board Room
$10 member/$15 non-members, per meeting
$27 member/$38 for all 3

Manic Media

January 16

Our Founding Fathers believed that a Free Press was essential to our nation’s security back in 1776. But that was before Cable news, the Internet and Twitter took over! What price are we paying to maintain the ideal of Free Speech and is it always worth it? Having just visited our nation’s media museum – The NEWSEUM – in Washington, D.C., join award-winning journalist Julia Torres Barden in a discussion and debate sharing the latest information - and predictions - for the future of news gathering and what it means for you.

Hispanics 101: We’re NOT all the same!

February 20

With all of the hype and rancor over the Immigration issue, come join us for this timely and informative discussion of our nation’s largest minority group with Journalist and Puerto Rican Advocate, Julia Torres Barden. We’ll discuss how this demographic is actually comprised of more than 20 different nations and the reality that Latinos are actually not a unified group or voting bloc. Let’s make sense of the chaos and come away with a better understanding of Hispanics in the USA.

Violence on TV

March 20

Americans are hooked on television, with children watching an average of 4 hours daily. Increasing amount of violence, and a general deterioration of morality, in today's television programming is worrying. Examine some of the reasons, and consider the implications, of TV violence. Speaker Gordon Ward made his career in television, being on the original staffs of Channel 3, Cleveland (1948) and Channel 11, Toledo (1958) after graduating from BGSU.

Rediscover the MetroParks

April 17

From new land acquisitions, gardening incentives, and volunteer opportunities, there’s a lot happening at the MetroParks! Nearly 3 million people passed through the gates of the Metroparks in 2013. What keeps people coming back to rediscover the natural gems of Toledo?


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