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Attend meetings held the third Friday of the month in the Franciscan Center of Lourdes University. Join us for refreshments at 9:15 a.m. followed by a presentation from outstanding speakers at 10 a.m. Free for members and first- time visitors.

High Profile Prosecutions in Toledo: Reflections of a State and Federal Prosecutor

September 19

From the Ottawa Hills Murder Case to Tom Noe, David Bauer was involved in many high profile state and federal prosecutions in his 36 year career as a state and federal prosecutor. Mr. Bauer will reflect back on some of those cases and discuss the role of the Lucas County Prosecutor's office and the United States Attorney's office in prosecuting criminal cases in northwest Ohio.

The Worst Way to Elect a United States President... Except for All the Others

October 17

Perhaps no part of the U.S. Constitution receives more grief and more recommendations for change than the Electoral College. This presentation focuses on the negatives, but also on the positives, of electing a president via the Electoral College. How can a president be elected—as has happened—through the College while losing the popular vote? Alternatives to the College will be considered allowing audience members to express their thoughts: leave the system as is or replace it with... what? Speaker Dr. Gerry Bazer is Dean Emeritus of Arts and Sciences, Owens Community College; a professor, lecturer, and writer on American Government and the American Presidency.

The luckiest man I ever met—how I got to be the way I am

November 21

Native Toledoan Bobb Vergiels may not be a face you recognize but his voice will be.  Bobb has been the stadium and field announcer for professional and major college sports teams in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio for nearly a quarter century, announcing more than 3,000 games. Among his favorite moments are being the “last voice”” at Ned Skeldon Stadium and the Toledo Sports Arena, the “first voice” at Fifth Third Field and at the Huntington Center. He also has announced two World Series, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, and two of the largest hockey games ever played in the world at the Big House in Ann Arbor.  Bobb is the public address voice of the Detroit Tigers, the UM basketball, baseball and gymnastics teams, Wayne State football, basketball and volleyball, press box announcer for the Detroit Lions and a former reader with the Sight Center of Northwest Ohio. By day, Bobb is in charge of communications, public relations and marketing at Monroe Public Schools and before “retiring” was the top communicator for the Fermi 2 nuclear plant.

Sailing, Racing, and the Lady on Deck

December 19

Sailboats were not for women 45 years ago, and certainly not sailboat racing. Sybil Turin helped change that, and recently completed her 35th run of the all-night Mills Trophy Race. Sybil fell in love with racing when she met her husband, John Turin, who was one of the founding members of the North Cape Yacht Club. Rather than leave the sport when widowed, Sybil kept their passion alive and became a member of the first all-female crew to compete in the Mills Trophy Race, a test of navigational skill. Hear how her course was charted from growing up on a Maine potato farm to becoming a familiar and revolutionary member of our local sailing community.


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