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Join us for refreshments at 9:15 a.m. followed by presentations from outstanding speakers 10–11 a.m. in the Franciscan Center of Lourdes University. Free for members and first-time visitors.

U.S. Foreign Policy: Discussion and Debate

January 16

Conflicts in the Middle East have deep roots and long term ramifications. What approach should the United States take to the threat from ISIS? Should the US support Arab insurrections in Libya, Egypt and other North African countries? What about the Syria Dilemma? What role does Israel play in the destabilization of the area? Two Lourdes faculty members from opposite ends of the political spectrum will tackle tough issues in an open format of dialog and discussion.

Edmund Fitzgerald: What Really Happened?

February 20

Explore a brief history of shipping on the Great Lakes that lead up to the impressive Edmund Fitzgerald. She had an exciting life during the 18 years that she sailed, often carrying record breaking loads. Her loss on November 10, 1975 still puzzles many to this day. We will explore several of the prevailing theories on her loss.

Federal Project One: The WPA Cultural Agencies

March 20

Federal Project One was the name given to the programs President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created to provide work for artists, actors, musicians, writers and other creative arts workers during the Great Depression. Formed by executive action in May, 1935 as a sub-division of the WPA (the Works Progress Administration), these programs employed over 40,000 people nationwide during their eight-year existence. This presentation provides a general survey of the various Federal Project One agencies before focusing on the work of the Federal Writers’ Project, both nationwide and in Virginia and Ohio in particular.

The A, B, C’s: Archaeologists, Bones, and Coroners

April 17

“Who are you? What happened to you?“ The life history of each of us is written in our bones (osteobiography). Julie Saul and her husband Frank (retired from UTMUO) have spent a lifetime reading these life histories, joining archaeologists in the jungles of Mexico and Central America to learn about the ancient Mayans, and working with law enforcement, Coroners, and Medical Examiners on recent forensic cases.

Let’s Talk Cars

May 15

Cars have been a big part of Roger Kwapich’s life, starting with the independent service station his parents owned and operated in Toledo. Now host of The C.A.R. Show®, commercial radio's top-rated automotive call-in-program, Roger shares his expertise with consumers through his work on the Car Care Council and as a columnist.


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