Philosophies &

Franciscan Education

Our Philosophies & Goals

Reflecting the traditions and philosophy of the Sisters of St. Francis, Lourdes commits itself to preparing students with the skills and attitudes they need to lead rich and meaningful lives in a complex, changing world.

Believing that the intellectual life is its primary responsibility, Lourdes affirms that reflection on the life of faith, with its ultimate question, is a true intellectual pursuit, bringing faith and reason into a disciplined and constructive encounter.

Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, drawing on the richness of the Judeo-Christian heritage, marked by an ecumenical spirit, and steeped in the spirit of Saint Francis, Lourdes seeks to build a faith community of seekers after truth.

This unified approach underscores the interrelatedness of all knowledge and the interconnectedness of all peoples, influencing each aspect of the life of the academic community. Through its basic liberal arts curriculum, Lourdes provides students with opportunities to integrate their deepest moral convictions with their intellectual and social interests and professional careers. It challenges them to develop a personal philosophy, preparing them for continuing and effective service to family, church, and global society. Believing in the education of the total person, Lourdes seeks to equip students for the world of work by integrating liberal learning with career education. Lourdes recognizes that development of a person's total potential requires lifelong learning; hence, Lourdes encourages students to make the search for truth a continuing quest.

Therefore, Lourdes seeks to provide educational opportunities by which students are challenged:

  • to work to develop a spirit of inquiry
  • to learn to think logically, to communicate persuasively, to analyze rigorously, and to solve problems systematically
  • to formulate worthy goals
  • to clarify career expectations and explore career options
  • to gain a better understanding of today's world through a knowledge of their cultural heritage
  • to meet with Christian insight the challenge of living in contemporary society
  • to become all that they are capable of becoming

The Mission Statement and the Philosophy and Goals of Lourdes express the institution's vision and purpose. In order to assure the realization of its vision and the achievement of its goals, key elements of these statements have been distilled into observable and measurable Learning Outcomes. To be understood correctly and appreciated fully, the Learning Outcomes must be interpreted in light of the complete texts of the "Mission Statement" and the "Philosophy and Goals" of Lourdes as they relate to the institution's academic curriculum.