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Reflection: Wednesday Night

Today we worked at a Habitat for Humanity work site on a rehabilitated house for a woman name Mesha. She has two sons ages 15 and 8 years old and a 13-year-old daughter and was really excited and grateful for our help on her new house. She even asked for advice on things like which bedrooms she should give to her children and herself because it was her first time as a homeowner...

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Reflection: Monday Night

To start off our day we had reflection before we headed to the Ronald McDonald house. For reflection this morning we washed each others hands and dried them. The washing of the hands resembles us washing away each others burdens and distractions from life. It helped us start off the week with a clean slate with no distractions...

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Lourdes volunteers help renovate houses, serve the needy

Today was our last day of volunteering before we head home in the morning. This experience has been an amazing one for all of us and we look forward to bringing our experience back to Lourdes.

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A blessed day of onions and furniture delivery for Lourdes volunteers

Tim’s group went back to the Sandwich Window that Laurie’s group went to yesterday, while Laurie’s group went to a new place called New Life Furniture. New Life Furniture takes gently used furniture as donations and cleans/repairs them so that they can sell or donate them to families or individuals in need.

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Lourdes students helping the poor in Cincinnati

At the beginning of the day, we played a game in which we had to toss a ball to each other while juggling ping-pong balls. It taught us the importance of how life will always have problems and difficulties and we have to be mindful about them....

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Helping Families At Ronald McDonald House

Today we started our day with a reflection where we washed each other’s hands of our struggles and our happiness, giving it to God. A great way to start out our week – acknowledging that we have both struggles and happiness. After we washed our hands we presented each other with a Tau cross and sent out to our work site agency for today.

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Reflecting On Teamwork And Communication

Today we spent time together as a group as we situated ourselves in the Tau Community House and familiarized ourselves with our new surroundings. We were given a thorough tour of the house and a detailed explanation of the weekly schedule, which left us all feeling rather excited and enthused.

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Lourdes Helps Franciscan’s For the Poor In Cincinnati

Throughout the past years students have participated in various outreach trips. Probably most of you are familiar with our Spring Break Habitat Trip. As time moved on, students began requesting a summer trip. This year we decided that it was time to get a summer trip off he ground.

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