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Rain and Hail Don't Keep Us From Working, Eating BBQ and Having Fun

Well, day three went a little different than the previous days, which consisted of site construction and running back and forth to get work done efficiently. Today due to the weather conditions – raining overnight and into early morning – we could not go to the construction site. Instead, we were all distributed between the Habitat Office and the Habitat ReStore to help out where needed.

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Wall-Building? We Nailed It!

Today was the big day! It was our first day to actually be on the worksite. To start it off, I slept through my alarm. I’m not exactly sure how, but I did. Don’t worry, I was still on time to head off to the worksite.

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Crooked Boards, Flying Nails Overcome On Day 1

This Habitat trip is my first time ever being part of Habitat team and the first time I have ever been in Tennessee. Today was the first day on the job site even though we have been here for two days already. These past few days that we have been here have been the best ever. The weather is perfect with NO snow and the sun is shining.

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