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Wrapping Up Our Time In Tennessee

It is hard to believe that the last day of being in Tennessee doing Habitat for Humanity has come so soon. It feels like just yesterday that the Tennessee Team got here.

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Patience, Persistence and Friendly Leaders Help Team Raise Scaffolding

Today was our last day at the house-building sites. The morning temperature was just a bit below freezing point. However, it was sunny and quiet. As I was riding in a passenger van with my fellow teammates, I was wondering how our last working shift would unfold in front of us.

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Third Habitat Trip Features Hard Work, Line Dancing

I would have to say that my favorite thing about Habitat is that every year has something new to offer. Whether it be opportunities to travel to a new place, learn a new skill, or meet new people, every Habitat trip is different in its own special way. This year is no different; I have gotten to meet new people, get closer to other people, learn new things and skills, and travel to a new place!

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St. Francis Inspires Students to Build in Alabama

Today we were asked to lead the devotion to start off the workday at our worksite. Naturally, we picked the story of St. Francis of Assisi and how he was called to rebuild God's Church. Each individual of our group read a different part of the story and we ended with a prayer.

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Rain and Hail Don't Keep Us From Working, Eating BBQ and Having Fun

Well, day three went a little different than the previous days, which consisted of site construction and running back and forth to get work done efficiently. Today due to the weather conditions – raining overnight and into early morning – we could not go to the construction site. Instead, we were all distributed between the Habitat Office and the Habitat ReStore to help out where needed.

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Timeout to check out cattle museum, baseball and BBQ

Our day off! Today we ventured into town and visited Old Town Alabama. There we learned a lot about Alabama's history and even met another couple from Defiance, OH!

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Home Cooking, Home Repair Highlight Day

Today we were able to sleep in an hour more because of the rain, which was much needed after the events from the previous night. For the first time our group was in the van all at once and on time! Usually we are waiting on a few stragglers.

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When the Scaffolding Doesn't Fit, It's Time To Quit

So today was my first time on the jobsite. Although, it was the first day for the four of us, we seemed to catch on very quickly. We got to help the rest of the gang build a wall! It was so much fun! We had to lay out all of the 2x4s and nail them together so that there were 2 windows and a door space.

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Singin' "Sunny and 75" In Tennessee

One of the many common bonds of our group is the love for country music, so we found ourselves singing this song all day. Nothing but blue skies, sunshine and perfect temperatures set the perfect stage for day two on the job site.

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Painting and Tiling and Grouting, Oh My!

We've spent a total of four days together and two days on the worksite. Each day we've grown closer as team, almost like a family. Today, we finished painting the walls, grouting the kitchen floors, tiling the bathroom, and laid down laminate floors in the front room.

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