Today was a great day with the “Dream Team” I really enjoy my time with them and love them dearly! In addition, we worked really hard today and got a lot done we painted the walls, fixed up the bathroom, and put up light fixtures. The food is really great that they serve us and I really love it down here. I hope we can come back to help work. Larry, Jean, Danny, and Barb, Wayne are great people and they let us meet different people and get to know community. The reflection that I and Emily Loomis did was good and we learned a lot from each other and it helped gives us more of a view on each other.
-Tarell Cox

Southern Hospitality are definitely the words to describe our time down here in Mississippi. Everyone down here is so friendly and inviting. There is not a single person that we don’t feel comfortable talking to. Larry and Jean are the perfect people to work with at the work site. They know what they are doing and teach us very well. The house is coming along faster than I think was planned. Today we painted the bedrooms, hung towel racks in the bathroom and we put up smoke detectors and light fixtures. The group as a whole has been getting along so well. We are definitely becoming a team and close friends. Every night our reflections build us up and grow us not only as individuals but as a group. Tonight Tarell and Emily made us look at ourselves on a deeper level to talk about our flaws and our strengths when you strip us down to who we really are. After our reflections we played a group game to end the night on a positive note. Tomorrow is our day off and I am really looking forward to going to Memphis with my group! Also as a last note, we are definitely being fed down here, and it is AMAZING food may I add!
-Kristin Schroeder