NC Day 2Today was a long and short day simultaneously. We learned the importance of team work and the difference it can make in the progress. New projects were afoot and people were very excited to get their hands on something new. The whole roof was shingled almost before lunch time, Jordan mastered the nail gun, a few of us learned how to do electrical, and doors and windows were prepped for installation. Because we worked so well today we have been trusted with newer and more challenging projects such as completing the roofing on another house, pouring cement for a house next door, installing windows and doors, possibly dropping the wires for the electrical, and if all goes well, beginning the siding.

After the work day had ended we got the chance to bond and relax with everyone a little bit more with dinner on the river walk, a short Walmart trip, a lovely tour of Mayfaire Town Center and some scrumptious homemade ice cream. 

Returning home tonight we had a group reflection focusing on the importance of team work and how necessary trust is. Stepping outside of your comfort zone gives you a greater opportunity to excel yourself and your group. 
Within just these two quick days, it seems as if we are really showing our affiliates and builders how Lourdes is a community of learning, reverence and service.