The guys at the Habitat RestoreToday was the second day on the job. It rained all day so instead of the job site we all went to the habitat restore to help with projects there. Today I feel like our schools came a lot closer because we were all split off into small groups and with the other school members for most of the day. It was great to be able to accomplish so much beside people who were strangers to us just a few days ago. The best moment I have had so far was yesterday when I got to speak to the future home owner of the house we are working on. He explained his story and told me about the factory he has worked at for over 20 years, and he stayed at the site all day to help as much as he could. It meant a lot to know how thankful and deserving the new owner was and made the work we are doing worth every minute of it. I couldn’t ask for a better group to work with to help accomplish this goal. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us and to make many more lasting memories!


The girls at the Habitat RestoreYesterday at the restock store, Megan and I had a blast. Today it would be all of us going to the restock store because of the rain. We all had such a fantastic time there; the people here are so friendly and kind. We spent all day painting and ‘working hard’– which pretty much means goofing off. We are having such a great time here; getting so much done and having such a great time doing so. We are continually filming and finding new ideas to make our lip singing video which I know will turn out amazing. We are also really connecting with the other school. It’s awesome that we get to bond with these people. Today we played volleyball in the gym with them.

Today I also got to talk to a veteran. It seems that we are always running into these people that make you stop and really think – he was so humbling. He told us that he had served in Korea and talked to us about a little girl that he had adopted there; who ended up dying in a bombing. This man and the man we are building the house for really stop to make you rethink the important things in life. This trip has been such a fun, rewarding time and it is only Tuesday!