Today we woke up ate breakfast, went to church, visited the Smoky Mountains, and explored Gatlinburg. The service was very unique. A band of young kids started it off with a few songs that really got everyone in the crowd involved. The message was very well delivered, and the focus was on becoming the best person that you can possibly be.

The weather is actually not that much warmer than Ohio, and the Smokys were covered in snow. We took a lot of pictures and started making videos for the lip sync video contest. The landscape is gorgeous and Gatlinburg is very interesting. The main strip we were on had several different themed restaurants and shops, including; medieval, Celtic, beachfront, and mountaineer/country. We ended our day by meeting with Doug, who is in charge of the work-site, and got a briefing about what to expect tomorrow and throughout the week. We are all very anxious and excited to start our work week!

–Sam the Man

Tennessee Habitat group posing at Great Smoky Park EntranceI woke up around 6:25 a.m. this morning and decided to start the day bright and early. The other school that is staying here with us was using the bathroom in the downstairs so I ventured upstairs to find another bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. After I was finished I went downstairs to go back to our room. I went down the stairs like I normally do but everything thing I was walking by seemed very unfamiliar. After walking by the same rooms about four times I realized something. I was lost! It was 6:40 a.m. now and no one was up except Alisa and Karen. I felt like I was a rat in a maze. Neither of them answered their phones and then I started to panic. Eventually Alisa called me back and I found my way back. :) After getting lost day one I ate breakfast and waited for more people to get up.

We went to church which was very exciting because I belong to a First United Methodist Church in Sylvania. But during the service an elderly lady passed out. The pastor was very genuine towards this lady and told us a little background about Thelma. Everyone in the congregation was very caring and everyone was helping with that situation. After church we headed to the Smoky Mountains.

I was determined to find a bear while we were there but to my dismay I did not see one. Something surprising during our road trip up the mountain was that people were in awe when they saw deer. I thought that was kind of humorous since they are nearly an everyday occurrence in Ohio. We then traveled to Gatlinburg and went into a few shops. Our group is bonding very well which is very exciting!

We also found out that there are holes to dig tomorrow and since I’m an expert hole digger from last year I am trying not to get too excited before tomorrow morning! Ha ha! I’m very excited to see the worksite tomorrow and to start building. I also forgot to mention one small detail. It’s very cold here in Marysville, Tennessee. I think it may have been warmer when we left Ohio. We are a little chilly but everyone has a positive attitude and is making the best of it.

–Megan Jean