The rainy season in Mandeville continues. It's hard to believe but we've barely seen any sunshine...just an incredible amount of humidity!

Derrick Swinging with the boys Anna and her new friends 

We've spent the last two days experiencing some "quality time" with many of the 162 young men who live here at St. John Bosco School. Wednesday was Labor Day here, so these days are school holidays. While the boys don't have formal classes during these holidays, they don't waste any time! We've split up into smaller groups to do coloring, reading, poetry writing, computer classes ( can guess who did those), basketball (Go, Coach Smith!), and some practice with job interview skills. Each afternoon there is a chunk of time spent on the playground (which, by the way, the boys share with a flock of sheep).


Alan DeQuorrie and Friends  Andy and the boys racing

Despite the incredible hardships, these young men keep smiling. Just ask the ones who work in the catering business to tell you about their responsibilities and they're faces light up immediately. Words can't describe the scene, so we're including some pictures.

- Sr. Barb Vano

The Biggest Smile Another Fine Smile

Student Perspectives

"One man's junk is another man's treasure." My time here in Jamaica has really helped me to see the value of that saying. It helped me to understand why people in other countries find Americans to be ungrateful or wasteful. The things that we would find worthless or useless are the same things they would fight for to have as their treasures.

- Jessica Harris

This trip has been quite an experience. It has been my first time out of the country on a mission trip. I have loved getting to know the group of people I am sharing this experience with. It has been nothing short of amazing. Reading with the boys has been my favorite part of this trip and learning more about the culture. The hardest part is disciplining the boys. I wish I could adopt so many of them.

I miss my family & friends and I love you all!!

- Shayla Soliday