The days in Jamaica passed quickly and it's hard to believe that the trip is over. In many ways, what we did seemed so ordinary. Our day in town for Market Day at Mount St Joseph School was an experience in colors and creativity. So if you check out the photos, don't miss that GIANT root which is actually a yam. Imagine having that one for Thanksgiving dinner! The smiling young girl is demonstrating that you can be very fashionable while re-using discarded materials.

Back on the playground we always found all sizes. And by the way, the playground is shared with a flock of sheep. We tried not to think too much about their future fate. The sheep, pigs and chickens are definitely NOT being kept as pets. They will soon provide some future income for the home.

Running barefoot on the play field or working in the butchery often meant that the boys were on the lookout for Sr. Mimi at her clinic. Anna (who just graduated with her BSN) had a chance to help out with some stitches.

The activity never seemed to stop and the creativity and commitment of the staff was truly humbling.



Ok...can everyone say, "Awwww!!"