On Sunday evening we knew that our time spent with the young men at Bosco was drawing to a close. Our plan was to put on a talent show for them (a tradition started by Rachel and Sr. Pat on one of their earlier treks here).

This year the Siena & Lourdes talent was upstaged by the Bosco Boys Band. Their energy was contagious and they definitely enjoyed making music together. The young 8-year-old director had a remarkable presence in front of the group.

Sunday was also another red-letter day for the boys. The goal at Bosco is to help these young men grow into well adjusted and productive  adults. As they reach the ages of 15, 16 & 17 they begin to master a trade such as helping maintain the chickens and pigs, working in the butchery, or working as one of the catering boys. These opportunities provide an income for the home and well as on-the-job training. On Sunday, the catering crew had the exciting job of catering a meal at the American Embassy in Jamaica. The event was a success and may have opened the door to some future jobs.

-- Sr. Barb


Thoughts from Megan Dorner

These boys made me really think about my life. I learned that I should never take anything or anyone for granted. Most of the boys didn't even have shoes. When looking down at their heels you could see how swollen and cut up they were. Many of these boys have been abandoned by their families. Also these boys have taught me that even though I think some things are important and need to get done right away, they really don't. As Rachel says, "People before paper.” Since returning home I've really been trying to stick to that quote since I'm always really busy and wanting to get things done. I absolutely loved this experience and want to return to Bosco in the future.