John Brown (JB):

Today I did siding.  We finished the front and the back.  Took us a couple tries but we got it!

Everyone participated.  Our siding group gets along well.  We all do our parts when needed.

I got a tan!

The wind almost blew me away today.

We ate at a Chinese buffet.  I wasn’t particular about the food but I tried something new!

I got to know somebody that I didn’t really talk to before the trip.

Me and my travel buddy get along great!

Megan Dorner:

I dug a lot of holes and then I had to fill in the holes with dirt!

I put some siding on.  It was ALL wrong so we had to take it all down and start it again. 

We think Lorenzo stole our nailgun so we couldn’t nail anything wrong for a whole hour.

My favorite part of the trip so far has been playing sardines, rockband and just dance.

Tony Kutaish:

Well to start I want to say how happy I am that I chose to join the Lourdes Habitat Team on what has thus far been quite an adventure. I have gotten to know so many wonderful people that I can already call my friends, not to mention that I now have two Moms which is great. The first day I was helping to remove the clay and rocks from a spot next to the house which will become a flower and shrub bed. To say the least, it involved some serious elbow grease. I guess I got too ahead of myself and decided to run with a wheelbarrow full of rocks and clay. At the time it seemed like a good idea but I was wrong. The result was the wheelbarrow tipping over as dramatically I whipped out on the ground. At first I was embarrassed and caused a mild panic for everyone that witnessed. Luckily I got away without a scratch and started laughing about it with everyone. Not bad for a first day. I am expecting the rest of the week to be just as eventful.