This morning we were all so excited because we woke up early enough to make it to Starbucks before we had to be at the site. Since the first day I have been working on the roofing for several different houses. Since I have been working on the roof all along today I and two girls from North Carolina university completed the roofing for the porch of a house. This consisted of moving the sheet metal and pulling it on the roof then drilling about 50 screws to attach it all. We also got to learn how to put up fascia (I don't know how to spell it, but its the stuff under the roof before the siding starts). Steph, JB, Nate, Frannie, and myself did almost a whole house's fascia.

We all left the work site and made our daily trip to Walmart hahaha. We decided tonight we would go bowling so after we ate dinner (Yummy pizza) we left. It was a lot of fun but then when we came home the PA group had started a dance in the dinning hall so we are all about to head over there.

Hope all is going well in the cold north cause it is nice down here in the warm south.

P.S. Steph wanted me to let you know she got to pour concrete for a driveway. She looked super cute in her big boots for laying concrete.
God bless,
Chelsea Aiello