After traveling 9 hours, we landed at our destination for the evening: Columbia, TN. We will finish the drive to Prattville, AL on Sunday. The drive was beautiful and the weather is gorgeous. We had forgotten what grass looks like!

It has been amazing to see the group come together the way we have. Instead of playing music or watching movies on the way down, there was a lot of conversation and getting to know one another – although this did prove a challenge in the 15-passenger van.

When we arrived at the hotel some decided to swim and others went for a walk but then we spent the rest of the evening just enjoying one another and really creating a team. After having a family dinner at the Cracker Barrel (because that was pretty much the only place around), we headed back to our hotel and gathered in one room. Games, group conversation and laughing filled the room (and hallway)!

We are looking forward to our Sunday travels and arriving in Prattville.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

Lourdes habitat trip