Cassidy Smith is co-author of this post

Today was our first day of working at the site for Habitat. We were privileged enough to meet the homeowner and work alongside her while building her house. She is a woman in her 60s who will be living alone and was very lively and grateful for the work that we do.

We got to learn many different skills including but not limited to tiling the floor and shower, painting, and installing an attic door. We are honored to have seasoned Habitat volunteers helping alongside us as we learn our new skills. Ron, Pete, Ray, Margaret Ann, and Tom were all very welcoming as we adjusted to our new site and their ways of working.

Tonight for reflection we are learning about communication and how to open up to one another in a unique way. Everyone is winding down from a long, hard day and playing outdoor games in the warm sunshine. We are so thankful for this fabulous opportunity that Lourdes has given us and we will continue to grow, be humble, and always remember that God is with us.

Lourdes Alabama Habitat