Today was the big day! It was our first day to actually be on the worksite. To start it off, I slept through my alarm. I’m not exactly sure how, but I did. Don’t worry, I was still on time to head off to the worksite.

I would say our first day of building was a success. Just like the past two days, we created some amazing memories. A few of our group members worked at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. While they were there, they helped organize the items that were being sold. The rest of our group chose to help build a wall, which was definitely a new experience for most of us. We were building this wall on the floor of the house that was being built.

With building a wall for the first time, there is bound to be some mishaps. And believe me, we had plenty of them. We failed successfully as a group at our first attempt of building this wall. Our first try was our “rough draft” as we liked to call it. I’m pretty positive that we won the record of most nails having to be removed from a wall because they were put in incorrectly.

I personally had the biggest fail of the day. I was hammering a nail into the wood, and somehow managed to nail the wall to the floor of the house. I would have to say that that takes a lot of talent, that clearly I am only capable of.

I was not the only one who made a mistake. Tommy managed to put a nail completely through a piece of wood. This was not supposed to happen. All of our mishaps were okay, because it gave us memories and showed us what we are not supposed to do.

Although we ran into a few problems along the way, we still managed to get one of the walls built. We also were able to knock a wall down, which was something our group found much easier to do. After our long day of work, we went back to the church we are staying at.

This was our night to make dinner for each other. Half of us shopped for the food, while the other half cooked it. We chose to make walking tacos because they were simple, yet appetizing. The rest of the night was spent resting at the church and just spending time together.

After experiencing one day at the worksite I think we are all a little more prepared for what tomorrow has to bring. The key words we all need to remember are “slow and steady”!

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