This Habitat trip is my first time ever being part of Habitat team and the first time I have ever been in Tennessee. Today was day one on the job site even though we have been here for two days already. These past few days that we have been here have been the best ever. The weather is perfect with NO snow and the sun is shining. A weird thing that we wouldn't see in March in Ohio is leaf piles already and it's only March – crazy!

It was great to meet the new people from all the other schools. There was four Lourdes students that went to the ReStore (like Goodwill back home). They worked there for the entire day and from what I heard they enjoyed their time. I was one of the eleven that were assigned to build a wall for the back part of the house.

The first part of the morning was horrible. We had a really crooked board throwing the whole masterpiece off. We then got smart enough to just switch the boards and once we did that, it helped things go a lot smoother.

We had one rule to go by the whole time we were building this wall: Make sure all the boards are "flush" with the board next to it. Flush meaning they had to be completely even with one another. But if you were paired up with me, I kept saying the boards had to be "flesh." The bad part is that one to corrected me – they let me go on and on with saying "make sure the boards are flesh." That sentence would never make any sense to an actual builder but to me it made perfect sense!

The day only got better from there, though, because we did finish the wall that seemed was never going to get done. We had to nail sheet plywood to the outside of the wall and I seemed to be the only one have an issue with that – because I kept shooting the nails across the house instead of shooting them into the wall. One nail hit another college student, the other hit Ken (the man helping us), another nail landed in a workers hair (only to find it there later), and many other nails went in other directions.

With this teammate theme thing going on, we all worked great together. We decided to help each other make sure it was right and best of all to make sure the nails were nailed to the boards correctly. Yes, of course with this being out first time on the job we made many mistakes and bent many, many nails in the process.

The one time in particular that sticks in my head that we had such a bent nail that it needed to pull straight out. But instead of pulling the nail out I used my big womanly muscle to tear the head of the nail. I broke the nail head completely off! With my reputation of flying nails already established, this one also took off across the job sight. Laughing and not expecting that it was going to happen, I had to ask for help to see what we could do. We got it fixed, so all in all, it was a good day!

Cannot wait to see what tomorrow's sunny and 60-degree weather brings our Habitat for Humanity team!

Lourdes habitat team