As some of you may know, the title of this corresponds with a country song and coincidentally was the theme for today.

One of the many common bonds of our group is the love for country music, so we found ourselves singing this song all day. Nothing but blue skies, sunshine and perfect temperatures set the perfect stage for day two on the jobsite.

When the sun came out we were not so sure of what it was at first because it has been hiding from us in Ohio these past few months. We learned our lesson by not putting sunscreen on. Each of us finds ourselves sporting an awesome farmer's tan, including sunburned arms and faces.

Over the past two days, we have mastered the skill of hammering nails or we should just say, there weren't as many flying nails and re-dos today as there were yesterday. We figured out that teams work better than individuals do and the proper technique makes everything so much easier.

Lourdes habitat team

After finishing one more wall, Katie, Ellen and I volunteered to wash the main supervisor's truck. It was a nice break from the construction, especially with the weather warming up. I was able to talk to Carl, one of the supervisors, and get to know a little more about him and the city. He let me know what places to visit and what brought him to the city.

truck wash lourdes

It is interesting to let someone else have the floor and really listen to what they have to say. This also ties in to our evening activity: eating with the homeless at the local church. We were only to sit with one other person from our team in order to branch out and meet new people. Meredith and I sat with a mom, daughter and some of their family and friends. We learned the daughter was in 2nd grade and loved to dance. The other woman went to the U of M and was from the thumb in the "mitten."

I have noticed the older I get, the smaller the world seems to get. Even 8 hours away in Maryville, we connect with people that lived only miles from out hometown.

Once we got back to the church, the team participated in an activity in which we learned new facts about each other. It was fun to listen to everyone talk about their favorite things and see what similarities we have.

After our activity the group decided to play knockout (a basketball game). At first, it was a lot of fun but then everyone began to cheer against me because I kept winning. It was all in good fun and honestly, I have no clue where my shooting skills came from. It would have been nice to have them when I played in high school. It was a good day for forming relationships with teammates, supervisors and complete strangers.

It is such a beautiful town with such selfless people. They truly understand why we are here and are appreciative of us. It is nice to have that feeling. Sometimes we need to take the time and be selfless, let someone else take the floor and truly listen to what they are saying. It is amazing what you can learn from someone, regardless of his or her age. Everyone has something good to say; take that chance and ask questions, it is amazing what you will find out.

habitat team Lourdes