Today because of the rain we were able to sleep in an hour, which was much needed after the events from the previous night. For the first time our group was in the van all at once and on time! Usually we are waiting on a few stragglers.

Since it was raining, we headed to the Habitat office instead of the building site. There we received our jobs. The groups split up into three groups: One group went to ReStore, one to a house to renovate and the third stayed at the office.

People who went to ReStore sorted through clothes to check if they were in good condition or not. The second group that went to the house ripped up old carpeting, cleaned the house and repainted some things. The group that stayed at the office built terraces, walls for inside the house and shed walls.

The weather was cooperating for most of the day until around 1 p.m. Then it started to pour. What a perfect time to eat lunch. Lunch was fantastic. A woman made homemade chili and cornbread. For dessert, there were mini chocolate and red velvet cupcakes along with something that tasted like churros. We were very grateful for a home-cooked meal from all the eating out and not-so-healthy food we have been eating.

After lunch, we finished some jobs then headed to the church. Once we arrived, some people took naps and others took showers. We had to be out of the church by 5:30 p.m. because groups of kids were using it for church. Therefore, we decided to go out to a local restaurant called the Dead End Grill Barbeque.

It was delicious and we enjoyed the meal with our new guests Dr. Livingston and his wife Joan. They are joining us for a couple of days to help with Habitat. After dinner, we headed to Walmart and Kroger to get warm clothes for the cold weather that's on the way and groceries for the dinner we are making Friday night.

Back at the church we tie-dyed shirts that we bought the Maryville High School, where students were selling Habitat shirts. We finished up with ice cream and playing knockout. Have a good night everyone!

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