It is hard to believe that the last day of being in Tennessee doing Habitat for Humanity has come so soon. It feels like just yesterday that the Tennessee Team got here. Once the team got to Tennessee and saw how beautiful it is, we instantly wanted to move down here. It will be sad leaving such a beautiful place where we had good weather to go back to Toledo, where it is not as warm.

Ellen Habitat

I can say for my fellow teammates and myself that we had a lot of laughs and inside jokes. We also happened to find different nicknames for everyone on the team. When we see each other in the halls at Lourdes, we will probably be calling each other by our nicknames, so that's a heads-up. I am hoping to remain friends with my fellow team members and hopefully stay in contact with them as well.

Even though I will be sad to leave the beautiful state of Tennessee, it will be great to go home and see my family, especially my dog. I have missed them all so much. Even though I could call and Skype them, it wasn't the same as actually being home and seeing them every day.

Ellen Lourdes Habitat team

It will also be nice to get home and sleep in my warm bed. For the first couple of nights, sharing an air mattress with Katie was different. Katie would sleep on top of me pretty much and she almost hit me in the face while we were sleeping. Katie also forgot to warn me that she sleeps weird and that I could shove her aside when she got on top of me.

But anyways, I am glad to just go home and not have to share a bed with anyone but myself. I hoping having to share an air mattress brought Katie and me closer since we went to rival schools (St. Ursula and Notre Dame).

Ellen Lourdes University in Tennessee

All in all the Tennessee Team had a really great time, whether it was going through the Smokey Mountains, walking through Gatlinburg, or seeing Thomas Rhett at Cotton Eyed Joe. I have to say that it was my first time seeing a concert and it was pretty amazing. I had no idea that concerts were so much fun. We all want to come back here next year and do Habitat again. Habitat for Humanity is a great experience that is worth a try. You won't regret it.