(By Allison Walter & Nickolas Dietrich)

Today we spent time together as a group as we situated ourselves in the Tau Community House and familiarized ourselves with our new surroundings. We were given a thorough tour of the house and a detailed explanation of the weekly schedule, which left us all feeling rather excited and enthused. Dinner followed and afterwards we had a little bit of time to settle in and bond with one another.

In order to wind down and also build more of a companionship with our fellow teammates, we decided to make reflection more along the relaxing side this evening. Understanding the importance of working together, our reflection was based on the idea of communication and listening skills.

We played a game much like that of charades. The time spent together was filled with laughter and smiles. All in all, we were able to welcome everyone outside of his or her comfort zone with a goofy light hearted time.