Wednesday Reflection

This morning, we went to mass at St. Clement’s Catholic. It is the parish church that is located right next door to us run by Franciscan Friars. It was a children’s mass, so most of it was lead by or pertaining to students at the grade school. They talked primarily about growing in life with knowledge and with God.

Afterwards, we split into our groups again; Tim’s group went back to the Sandwich Window that Laurie’s group went to yesterday, while Laurie’s group went to a new place called New Life Furniture. New Life Furniture takes gently used furniture as donations and cleans/repairs them so that they can sell or donate them to families or individuals in need.

New Life Furniture – By Morgan McPhilliamy
I was in Laurie’s group, so we spent the day working with New Life Furniture doing deliveries and pickups. We worked with a guy named Sam, who seemed to truly love what he does with New Life.

He told us a lot about his experiences with bringing people furniture to their new homes. The first three places we went were all deliveries, so we had to unload his truck and carry in all the donated furniture. The first two men to whom we delivered had similar situations – they were both single men who had seemingly just recently gotten off of the street. They were both super thankful and seemed really friendly.

 Lourdes student volunteers delivery furniture 

The third delivery was somewhat unique in the fact that the woman to whom we delivered had already received some furniture from other sources, so we actually ended up taking a few items back to the truck. She seemed to understand, however, and was glad that they would go to someone in need.

The next three stops consisted of us picking up furniture from people who generously donated their items. They were all really sweet and even pitched in $20 to cover the gas it takes to do pickups and deliveries. We got to meet some amazing people, dogs, and children.

We also spent a lot of time driving around Cincinnati, which allowed us to see the entire beautiful city while spending quality time getting to know each other better. Stephen, Allie, Sara, Laurie and I had a lot of fun just talking and snacking in the car. and I’m glad that I got to spend my time with such amazing and inspiring people.

Mercy at St. John's – By Thomas Dubisky
Today we went the sandwich widow. The other group already went there yesterday and had a great time. We also had a great time there. We got there and we peeled onions almost the entire time. We peeled onions until around ten or so, took a tour of the salon upstairs, and finally went back to peeling onions.

 Lourdes students serve food to needy 

Tim and Emily went to sort the clothes in the other room. We stocked beans for all of ten minutes and then we back to peeling onions. Lets just say that I cried a lot today.

Then we had lunch as a group. After lunch we helped out at the window and served sandwiches and soup. It was a humbling experience. Then tonight Izzy and I did reflection. Our reflection was all about how we as humans need to push past the obvious and notice things about how God might send us signals that we may not see right away. We need to look a little deeper and try to see the things that we may not be able to see right away.

Also, it was about looking to each other and trying our hardest at things that we struggle with on our own. We also mentioned that it is important to observe the world around you and take it in as well as give to others.

After work we all explored the Cincinnati Art Museum and had a picnic supper at a local park. While it rained most of the day, our picnic was beautiful and dry. The park was located at the top of a hill and the view was amazing. Tomorrow is our last work day, it is hard to believe this experience is coming to an end.