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Congratulations 2014 faculty pilgrims

Going back to my pilgrimage experience only takes a little invitation – a word, a picture, a story....

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Monday, June 4

On June 4 we traveled by train from Florence to Venice for a very quick visit. We did not stop for the American breakfast offered at the McDonalds in the train station. What does that sign say about Americans food choices?

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Sunday, June 3

Last day in Firenze! We visited the Pitti Palace of the Medici. Ironically, the throne room also included Christ on His throne, quite a statement of affinity. We walked through more than 50 some rooms stuffed floor to ceiling with Rubens, Titians, Tintorettos, and painted ceilings.

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Saturday, June 2

Today we visited the uffizi gallery. It was exhausting to see miles of renaissance and medieval art all compacted into one space. However, we enjoyed the Botticelli gallery and the Caravaggios. I am drawn to the dichotomies.

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Friday, June 1

We (Holly and Karen) stayed an extra night in Rome meeting with former colleague, Sr. Jaculin Manders. We got a lesson on Roman public bus system from her.

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Tuesday, May 29

Today began bright an early with breakfast at 6:30. From there the entire group went to St. Peter's Basilica for mass at the tomb of Blessed John XXIII. Sr. Rosine was a Eucharist Minister and Mallie was a reader here (how cool is that!).

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Monday, May 28

Merry Christmas!!!!! Today we left Assisi and traveled to Greccio - where Francis began the wonderful tradition of the Creche (Nativity Scene).

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Sunday, May 27

Thus begins our 7:30 am lecture on faith. "faith is a risk," claims Fr. Andre. He deftly weaves together the historical, the intellectual, the personal, the spiritual to reveal what that means.

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Friday, May 25

The taxi ride today down from Assisi to the valley allowed us to view the city on a beautiful sunny day ( not like our dreary entry ride into Assisi).

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We awake to a great fog rolling in over the plain and the sounds of doves and a late-to-bed owl. The day begins with a prayer service on the rooftop. The fog slowly eats the silent, shrouded city, and our voices in song soar out over red rooftops dematerializing in the mist.

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