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Be introduced to the worlds of literature, the natural and environmental sciences, the arts, philosophy, history, law, engineering and sociology. When you graduate, you will emerge prepared to succeed in your career while providing valuable services to your community and the world.

Define your passion…

  • Unlock the mysteries of the mind
  • Discover the road to alternative fuels
  • Follow scientists to needed vaccines
  • Understand world cultures & religions
  • Investigate crimes and provide a valuable service to the community
  • Design the transportation systems of the future

Franciscan Integration Chair

The Sisters of St. Francis Endowed Chair in Franciscan Integration ensures that the four core values of Lourdes University – community, learning, reverence, and service – are integrated into the curriculum life of the University in meaningful ways.

New Report Documents That Liberal Arts Disciplines Prepare Graduates for Long-Term Professional Success

Analysis of Census Data Tracks Long-Term Earnings and Employment Rates of Liberal Arts Graduates; Counters Stereotypes about Value of Liberal Education... Read the full story

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Holly Baumgartner, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Office: Carmel Hall 4
Phone: 419-824-3756
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