History Of The
Art Department

History of the art department

History of the Art Department

The Art Program was founded as an integral component of the liberal arts curriculum of the junior college sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, who, under the direction of their foundress, Mother Mary Adelaide Sandusky, emphasized the fine arts from the beginning of their foundation.

The need to educate young religious women for effective participation in the apostolic works of the community, principally as teachers, was the incentive for establishing a strong art program. The need to cultivate an appreciation of beauty in the future teachers of the community made the study of art imperative.

Sister Michaeline Lesiak (1914-1997), under the direction of Mother Adelaide, laid the foundation of the art program. It began with the establishment of the college as Lourdes Junior College in 1957.

Learn more about Sister Michaeline (below, with students) in AtLourdes magazine.

 Sr Michaeline and students 


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