Art: Faculty
& Staff


Todd Matteson, M.F.A.

Associate Professor / Chairperson, Art

Artist Statement

My wheel work is an expression of my love for traditionally thrown Chinese and Japanese forms and Native American designs.  The transformation given to these designs reflect my interest in two-dimensional design and contemporary tribal tattoos. Since people have walked on this earth, vessels have had a timeless identity as storage containers -- for food and beverage and for souls and spirits.  I communicate with nature through my vessels.  My vessels hold the spirits that are fired on the surface of the clay, like tattoos on the skin.  The glazes on these vessels contrast boldly against the skin of the clay.  The glazes fuse and burn naturally into the clay, causing halos of color around the designs, plus enhancing the forms.  The glazes allow the designs to hold a nice clean line. The lids are bound to the vessels in a primitive way by using natural materials.  Each design has its own meaning and holds something sacred within.

My hand built work was started as motivation for me to work outside the concept of the wheel.  This process has allowed experimentation with new glazes.  The monolithic forms are hard edged and curved while being firmly grounded.  These monoliths represent immovable rocks that have been transformed by natural processes.  The single glaze firing symbolizes that transformation in nature.   The texture glaze is applied variably over low-fire glazes that juxtapose other glazes, creating a sense of change and the drying of the earth.  The glaze colors are bright and colorful representing the fleeting colors in nature.  The glazes are meant to allure the senses of touch and sight, causing the mind to ponder the relationship of the whole.  Natural occurrences happen without a choice and humans have a relationship with these changes, without choice.

My pottery emphasizes technique and craftsmanship with a little playfulness of line.  The undulating line represents rolling hills.  The line allows for me to alter the symmetrical form and create an unbalanced look.  The glazes emphasize the line and the curves created.  The glazes fluidity is essential to the vitality of the form; creating a connection between the clay, shape and glaze.


  • M.F.A., Kansas State University
  • M.A., Purdue University
  • Post Baccalaureate., University of Southern Indiana
  • B.S., University of Evansville

Areas of expertise

  • Ceramics I & II & III and Independent Study
  • Art History
  • Art Appreciation
  • 2D Design/Color Theory
  • 3D Design
  • Sculpture I & II & III

Professional Affiliations

  • Downtown Sylvania Association, Mural Committee
  • SACI, Studio Arts Center International, Lourdes University Representative
  • Sylvania Community Arts Commission, Board Member Scholarship Committee, Chair
  • Toledo Federation of the Arts Society, Lourdes University representative Membership Committee
  • Sylvania Arts and Crafts Festival, Lourdes University representative
  • National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, NCECA

Professional Activity


  • Layering Glazes, Multi-colored finishes, Glacial Monoliths and Vases


  • Juror, Arts for our Future Show, Bedford Branch Library, Temperance, MI


  • Juror, 4th Annual Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio: Award of Excellence in the Visual Arts
  • Juror, Arts for our Future Show, Bedford Branch Library, Temperance, MI
  • Monolithic Forms, new work concerning atmospheric firing affects and monolithic or mountainous forms


  • Undergraduate Fellowship Research Grant, Gas versus Oxidation, What’s the fuss about reduction anyway?   Center Street Clay, Sandwich, IL
  • Juror, 3rd Annual Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio
    Award of Excellence in the Visual Arts
  • Juror, Ninth Congressional District Invitational Art Exhibition, Toledo OH
    presented by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, Firelands Visual Arts, and Oberlin College
  • Juror, Sylvania Rotary Club Pancake Poster Competition


  • Juror, 51st Sylvania Arts and Crafts Festival, Sylvania, Ohio



  • NOWOH, Bowling Green State University


  • Art-o-matic 419, Arts Commission of Greater Toledo
  • NOWOH, Bowling Green State University,  2nd Place in 3D
  • Portrait Exhibition, Toledo Museum of Art, “Portrait of Innocence”


  • Sylvania Area Arts Commission, Winter Art Tour, Lourdes University Art Department, Purchase Award


  • Art-o-matic 419, Arts Commission of Greater Toledo
  • Sylvania Area Arts Commission, Winter and Spring Art Tour, Alverno Studio
  • Cool Yule, Hudson Gallery, Sylvania OH
  • Potting Pretty, Sylvania Chamber of Commerce


  • Toledo Area Artists Exhibition (TAA), Regional, Juried, Toledo Museum of Art
  • Ford Gallery, 222 North Erie Street, Toledo, OH
  • H×W×D 2009 Sculpture Exhibit, Regional, Juror:  Jonathon Quick, Dayton, OH


  • H×W×D 2008 Sculpture Exhibit, Regional, Juror:  Dee Schaad, Dayton, OH
  • Alumni Exhibit, Invitational, University of Evansville, IN
  • Art-o-matic 419, Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, Toledo, OH

Service to Community

  • Creative Cups of Compassion, Lourdes University
  • Clothing Drive, Salvation Army and Hurricane Sandy Relief
  • Alzheimer’s Society of Northwest Ohio Gala, Artwork Donor
  • Sylvania Community Arts Commission, Board Member
  • Downtown Sylvania Association, Friend, Mural Committee
  • Toledo Grows, Manos Gardens, Service Project with Sculpture Class and Orbis Ars
  • Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, Volunteer at Art-o-matic 419
  • Franciscan Charity Golf Outing, Oregon, OH
  • Clothing Drive, Sylvania Area Family Services
  • Empty Bowls, Lourdes University
  • AtLourdes, Faculty Focus, Fall 2010
  • Sister Jane Mary Soroziak Lecture Series, Tile Project with Sister Margaret Hall
  • Potting Pretty, Sylvania Chamber of Commerce
  • Sylvania Franciscan Academy, Baptismal Fonts, Beth McArthur’s 8th Grade class
  • Providence Center for Social and Economic Growth, Orbis Ars
  • Bowling 4 Kids Sake, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Ohio: Orbis Ars Team
  • All Saints Catholic School, 1st Grade, Wall Sculpture, Lourdes University
  • Sophia Center Golf Outing, West Toledo Golf Course, OH
  • Sylvania Arts and Crafts Festival Committee, Lourdes University Representative


Todd Matteson
Office: MAH 206A