Environmental Science

Consistent with the mission of Lourdes University, our program prepares students to see humans as part of the natural world and to reshape human lifestyles to form a more sustainable, just world.  Environmental science is an interdisciplinary study of interactions between humans and the environment. It integrates knowledge from biological and physical science fields, social sciences, business, and humanities, to understand the causes and consequences of human actions on living and non-living components of the environment.

Follow your passion for the Earth and sustainability in a strong, 21st century curriculum.

  • Benefit from strong math and science courses taught at the Center for Science Education & The Environment 
  • Tailor your degree based on your environmental interest and career goals 
  • Participate in hands-on learning opportunities
  • Gain professional skills on the job through a Field or Professional Experience (FPE). FPEs include internships, co-ops, courses offered by universities who hold Organization of Biological Field Stations membership, environmental leadership training, or study abroad programs 

Career Opportunities

A Lourdes University Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science provides a rigorous curriculum to help students prepare for graduate school programs and pursuit of successful careers in:

  • Government research labs
  • Government agencies
  • State and national parks
  • State and county departments of health or environmental protection
  • Business and environmental consulting firms
  • Non-profit organizations that carry out programs in environmental awareness, protection, and/or advocacy
  • Conservation organizations
  • University research labs