Environmental Science

If you are interested in learning how to address the key environmental and sustainability challenges facing your generation and future generations, then the Environmental Science major is made for you! Grounded in the natural sciences (such as biology and ecology), this major integrates economics, social sciences and the humanities to allow insight into improving the well-being of environmental, social and economic systems.

Environmental science majors further enhance their learning beyond the classroom through hands-on learning, research, service learning, and a Field or Professional Experience (FPE). You can fulfill your FPE requirement in a multitude of ways including courses offered by universities at their field stations, internships and an interdisciplinary capstone experience.

An Environmental Science degree helps prepare you for advanced study in graduate or professional school. It can also lead to professional opportunities in industry, government, consulting firms and non-profit organizations that are dedicated to improving natural and human systems.

Career Opportunities

A Lourdes University Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science provides a rigorous curriculum to help students prepare for graduate school programs and pursuit of successful careers in:

  • Government research labs
  • Government agencies
  • State and national parks
  • State and county departments of health or environmental protection
  • Business and environmental consulting firms
  • Non-profit organizations that carry out programs in environmental awareness, protection, and/or advocacy
  • Conservation organizations
  • University research labs