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2014 Summer Science Camp

Explore nature’s hidden mysteries through science. Examine habitats with biology, make crystals using chemistry, zoom in on patterns of wings, shells, and leaves to create your own art , build a tree using engineering, study rocks and planets with earth science and then take a step into space through the planetarium. A great fun-filled mix of science in one camp!

Exploring Nature's Mysteries
June 16–June 20
9 a.m.–noon
MAH 118
Registration deadline is May 20
Registration Form (PDF)

Check out what students did at The Extreme Science! Adventures in Science 2013 camp

The Extreme Science! Adventures in Science 2013 camp, sponsored by the Department of Chemistry & Physical Sciences, ran June 10-13, Monday through Thursday, from 9am to noon in Mother Adelaide Hall (MAH) 118.  Sixteen students entering fifth through seventh grade enjoyed learning about nanomaterials, polymers, electricity, forces, astronomy, and fossils; conducting inquiry with worms; and building a composting bin.  Some of the photos show an “egg drop” that was performed with student designed protective holders for the eggs.