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The Sciences

The sciences evoke a yearning to observe, identify, experiment, investigate, and explain phenomena. If you choose to major in one of Lourdes University's science majors, you will join your fellow students in methodically researching and learning from scientists who came before you.

Internship program
Lourdes science majors will benefit from The Ohio Means Internships & Co-Ops program grant that will provide them with paid internships in their chosen field. Biohealth, food processing and research and development internships are available with a variety of companies including LexaMed, Sterling Laboratories, Center for Innovative Food Technology, NASA-Ohio Aerospace Institute, and Orbal Research, Inc.

The Liberal Arts

At Lourdes University, you will experience a truly personalized liberal arts education in the respectful and inspiring environment we provide. Our dedicated professors encourage you and your fellow students to achieve your degree while pursuing your career dreams and life goals. Grounded in the vision and ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, all Lourdes arts and sciences degrees prepare you to make a difference in society and to change the world.

At Lourdes, we share the treasures of our intellectual tradition while preparing you for future success. Millennial students learn and process information differently. We help you become a 21st century professional who is committed to the common good, well-educated and able to engage individuals from many cultural settings and backgrounds.

In our global community, Lourdes graduates rely as much on their professional skills as they do on the creativity and critical thinking skills they gained from their liberal arts education. Join the many students and alumni who are today's role models and leaders in their chosen fields.


As the liberal arts heart of Lourdes University, the mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to offer significant opportunities for liberal learning as well as to set the foundations for integrated professional education. Our purpose is the development of well-educated people, capable of the pursuit of truth in service to the community.

To fulfill this mission, the College of Arts and Sciences strives to:

  • Promote a community of learning that unites faculty members, staff, and students in a quest for knowledge, personal growth, and academic excellence
  • Offer high quality programs and courses that provide students with knowledge and competencies that will enrich their lives in the fine arts, humanities, mathematics, and the natural and social sciences
  • Provide the foundation for lifelong learning that will continuously renew careers
  • Foster a religious and ethical foundation for a life of service

New Report Documents That Liberal Arts Disciplines Prepare Graduates for Long-Term Professional Success

Analysis of Census Data Tracks Long-Term Earnings and Employment Rates of Liberal Arts Graduates; Counters Stereotypes about Value of Liberal Education... Read the full story

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