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MISSION: The Department of English promotes an integrated vision of English studies which includes an in-depth investigation of language, rhetoric, and literature, and the ways in which these fields of inquiry enter into dialogue with one another. The department guides students in the development of a broad range of critical methods to help them become independent thinkers and scholars rooted in the humanistic tradition. Students engage in critical reading, analysis, and synthesis of texts from a wide variety of historical and cultural contexts.  Through theoretical and practical knowledge acquisition and construction, students become more active, productive, informed citizens who have the agency to capably evaluate and argue in a language-based culture.

The Department of English offers courses in literature, rhetoric, writing, research, communications, American Sign Language, and foreign languages. All courses are designed to help students develop effective oral and written communication skills, critical reading and analytical skills, a grasp of linguistic structure and use of language, familiarity with major literary forms and their cultural contexts, and a deepening of critical and aesthetic appreciation.

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Amanda MayAlumni Spotlight: Amanda Marie May

Educating in the land of the rising sun

"I wanted to immerse myself in the language and the culture, and see some of Japan's historical sites. One of my colleagues encouraged me to try teaching in Japan and reassured me that I was well-suited for the task, so I just decided to go for it!" Read Amanda's Story


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