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Psychology is the science of how human beings and other organisms perceive, learn, and relate to one another. Courses present scientific research as a basis for investigating such phenomena. A major in psychology will enable the student to prepare for careers in which human behavior is the focus of service or operation. The student of psychology will gain insight into human personality, acquire a scientific understanding of human behavior, and establish a solid academic base for graduate study. Graduates of the psychology department have gone on to earn Ph.D.s in a wide variety of areas including neuropsychology and counseling psychology.

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Students who wish to pursue a B.A.I.S. degree with Psychology as part of their concentration should consult with an advisor.

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BA in Psychology Program Sheet
BA in Psychology minor

Pre-Art Therapy
Pre-Art Therapy Program Sheet

Pre-Pastoral Counseling

Interdisciplinary Studies
BA in Interdisciplinary Studies