Careers for
MBA Graduates

Careers for MBA graduates

Careers for MBA Graduates

Supported by an excellent professional graduate career services integrated program, Lourdes MBA graduates are empowered with the tools and resources to locate and secure fulfilling careers. Careers for MBA graduates are not limited to specific industries but permeate every segment of the business world. This means careers for MBA graduates are never far removed from other passions or interests. 

Our location is central to five Fortune 500 Companies within the Toledo, Ohio area, and regionally that number expands to nearly 25 Fortune 500 Companies within the Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan metro area. For this reason, careers for MBA graduates in our area are projected to be on the rise as our economy rebounds. Being this close to leaders within the business world enables Lourdes to connect our MBA graduates to top financial institutions and manufacturing and technology companies to launch their careers. 

Employers seek out Lourdes MBA graduates because our candidates embody the core characteristics of a global business leader, with a strong sense of social responsibility. Our MBA graduates enter the workforce with a mastery of the critical management tools, and in-depth business and analytical processes to successfully solve the pressing problems facing businesses today. These advantages make careers for MBA graduates from Lourdes very rewarding and fulfilling. 

In preparing students, the Lourdes MBA program offers the Career Trek program for our candidates. This uniquely personalized program requires our MBA candidates to undergo several behavioral analysis, industry-specific interviews, create their own branding through resume and cover letter writing, and participate in ongoing career development sessions, including workshops, panels, and receptions specific to their career search. In addition, the program provides MBA candidates with access to potential employers through partnerships, professional immersions, corporate presentations and regional networking events. 

In the Lourdes MBA’s Career Trek Program, you will find: 

  • A personal hands-on approach to your career path 
  • Career assessment utilizing the Gift Compass Inventory and Discover Your Passion tools
  • Career professionals guiding you along every step
  • Cultivation and expansion of professional contacts 
  • Business Alumni mentoring & networking opportunities

In the Lourdes program, your MBA career search begins the moment you start your first class with a total immersion that will continue throughout the entire program. Even after graduation you have access to the Career Trek program support resources, as well as connecting with alumni to keep you sharp, prepared and ready to continually grow your professional MBA career.

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