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Full-Time MBA Program

In the full-time MBA program at Lourdes, you will finish your MBA in a single year – three semesters. In our intensive full-time MBA program, you are in class five mornings a week, every weekday. As a full-time MBA student, we know you don’t want to delay your career longer than you have to! All MBA courses are small - there are no 50-student lectures in the Lourdes MBA Program.

We set our students up for success with a consistent course schedule and extensive group, individual, and class activities. The ten courses of the full-time MBA program encompass different aspects of the business world, both theory and practice. Every MBA candidate will have an international immersion experience: in 2012, the Lourdes MBA candidates visited London, England and worked with the Summer Olympics planning team. For the Professional Immersion, each student will build experience with a local business to supplement their MBA. Full-time MBA students are only accepted for a Fall Semester start date at Lourdes University.

Full-time MBA program students experience:

  • 2½ hours of class a day, 5 days a week
  • International business experience
  • Professional immersion experience

Sequence of courses for Full-time MBA Program

Program Completion Requirements
Each master degree candidate must successfully complete the following prior to graduation:

  • All Lourdes University graduation requirements.
  • All eighteen (18) credit hours of the MBA Foundational Content Courses unless waived upon admission to the MBA program by the MBA Program Director
  • All Twenty-Seven (27) credit hours within the MBA Core Courses
  • Any Nine (9) credit hours within the MBA Elective Courses

Required Curriculum

MBA Foundational Content Courses (18 credit hours)
MBA 615: Strategic Marketing Management
MBA 616: Quantitative Analysis for the Business Manager or LS 612
MBA 617: Economics for Global Business
MBA 618: Financial & Managerial Accounting
MBA 619: Fundamentals of Finance
MBA 620: Application of Business Theory to Managerial Functions

Fall Semester Full-time MBA Program (15 credit hours)
MBA 621: Developing as a Leader
MBA 622: Critical Thinking and Effective Business Communication
MBA 623: Financial Reporting and Analysis
MBA 624: Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation
MBA 625: Global Business Perspectives

Spring Semester Full-time MBA Program (15 credit hours)
MBA 626: Power, Politics, and Influence in Organizations
MBA 627: Creativity, Innovation, and Integrative Thinking
MBA 628: Triple Bottom Line
MBA 629: Models, Markets, and Their Limitations
MBA 691: Professional Immersion

Summer Semester Full-time MBA Program (9 credit hours)
MBA 690: International Immersion

And one of the following elective 3-credit courses
MBA 640: Financial Management in Healthcare
MBA 641: Public Policy & Healthcare
MBA 642: Strategic Healthcare Planning


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