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Full-Time MBA Program

In the full-time MBA program at Lourdes, you will finish your MBA in a single year–three semesters. In our intensive full-time MBA program, you are in class five mornings a week, every weekday. As a full-time MBA student, we know you don’t want to delay your career longer than you have to! All MBA courses are small–there are no 50-student lectures in the Lourdes MBA Program.

We set our students up for success with a consistent course schedule and extensive group, individual, and class activities. The courses within the full-time MBA program encompass different aspects of the business world, both theory and practice. Every MBA candidate will have an international immersion experience: in 2012, the Lourdes MBA candidates visited London, England and worked with the Summer Olympics planning team and in 2013 they traveled to Beijing, China and met with FedEx to Lehman Brown. For the Professional Immersion, each student will build a personalized career experience that will utilize and draw upon the classroom lectures and newly learned skills sets. Full-time MBA students are only accepted for a Fall Semester start date at Lourdes University.

Full-time MBA program students experience:

  • 2½ hours of class a day, 5 days a week
  • International business experience
  • Professional immersion experience

Sequence of courses for full-time MBA Program

Program Completion Requirements
Each master degree candidate must successfully complete the following prior to graduation:

  • All Lourdes University graduation requirements
  • All eighteen (18) credit hours of the MBA foundational content courses unless waived upon admission to the MBA program by the MBA Program Director
  • All Twenty-Seven (27) credit hours within the MBA core courses
  • Any Nine (9) credit hours within the MBA elective courses

Required Curriculum

MBA Foundational Content Courses (18 credit hours)
MBA 615: Strategic Marketing Management
MBA 616: Quantitative Analysis for the Business Manager or LS 612
MBA 617: Economics for Global Business
MBA 618: Financial & Managerial Accounting
MBA 619: Fundamentals of Finance
MBA 620: Application of Business Theory to Managerial Functions

Fall Semester full-time MBA Program (15 credit hours)
MBA 621: Developing as a Leader
MBA 622: Critical Thinking and Effective Business Communication
MBA 623: Financial Reporting and Analysis
MBA 624: Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation
MBA 625: Global Business Perspectives

Spring Semester Full-time MBA Program (18 credit hours)
MBA 626: Power, Politics, and Influence in Organizations
MBA 627: Creativity, Innovation, and Integrative Thinking*
MBA 628: Triple Bottom Line*
MBA 662: Managerial Finance
MBA 691: Professional Immersion

Summer Semester Full-time MBA Program (3 credit hours)
MBA 629: Models, Markets, and Their Limitations

*These are elective courses, which candidates enrolled in the full-time program may select other elective MBA courses that may be offered during the evening program to fulfill their program requirements and which do not conflict with the required full-time day course schedule

Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation between 36 and 54 credit hours

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