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For centuries, individuals have been inspired to pursue their dreams because of the guidance and support they received from their teachers. These noble professionals open up an entire world of possibilities and learning opportunities. Good teachers prepare their students for future scholastic success. Excellent teachers change their students' lives, inspires them to set their goals high, and teach them how to fulfill those dreams.

Lourdes University Department of Education faculty have designed a nationally recognized and award-winning program that prepares graduates to be excellent elementary, middle and high school teachers. The Department of Education was recently awarded funding to further its programs because of their outstanding work.

An extensive clinical and field experience component allows our students to observe and apply what they've learned in the classroom to real-life settings. Coupled with service learning requirements, Lourdes graduates regularly secure employment and are known as well qualified, caring teachers.

Education majors are encouraged to take advantage of all the programs and services available:

  • Apply for membership in the Dean's Scholars Program
  • Participate in international and professional immersion experiences
  • Work with elementary, middle, and high school teachers to engage in lesson planning, instruction, and assessment
  • Join the Collegiate Middle Level Association
  • Build and strengthen professional skills in the Center for Professional Studies

Social Work

Those who choose a caree r in social work are dedicated to improving the overall quality of life of those they serve. The social work profession addresses the quality of direct and deliverable services as well as accessibility, accountability and coordination among professionals and agencies.

As a skilled social worker, you must possess excellent communication skills and be an effective listener. Lourdes University's liberal arts education broadens your knowledge of the world and various cultures allowing you to best serve your clients whose everyday life is presented with various emotional, mental and social challenges. Upon graduation, Lourdes alumni are prepared to enter graduate school or begin their career with confidence.

The Dean's Scholars Program

A select cohort of 20 new, full-time students —majoring in education or social work— will participate in this competitive program. Scholars will have VIP access to Christine Knaggs, Interim Dean of the College of Education & Human Services, and will enjoy a host of additional features and benefits. Learn more and apply

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Christine Knaggs

Christine Knaggs, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of the College of Education & Human Services
Chair of the Department of Education

Assisi Hall 286
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