Mission Statement
& Learning Goals

Graduate Students

Graduate School: Mission Statement & Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Graduate School of Lourdes University serves men and women by providing specialized learning opportunities that build upon the foundations laid by baccalaureate education. Graduate studies are designed to enhance both knowledge and expertise in specific academic disciplines and particular areas of professional practice

Learning Goals

Graduate programs provide learning opportunities for students to:

  • Acquire and utilize specialized knowledge in their area of study. 
  • Gain intellectual and practical communication, analytic inquiry, and information fluency skills appropriate to their area of study. 
  • Develop a personal and professional ethic consistent with the Franciscan values of community, learning, reverence and service. 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, diversity, and the standards of their professions/ disciplines. 
  • Exhibit the professional development, work practices, global perspectives, and dispositions of lifelong learners. 
  • Integrate knowledge by engaging in meaningful graduate-level scholarly activities appropriate for their area of study. 



Graduate School
Canticle Center, Room 103, 5335 Silica Drive
Fax: 419-517-8942

Regular Hours:
M - Th: 9-5:30
F: 8:30-4:30

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