Honors Program

Honors Program Mission & Goals

Consistent with Franciscan values, the Mission of the Honors Program experience at Lourdes University is to enrich the community by providing motivated and talented students with a challenging, interdisciplinary, research-oriented environment designed to enhance creative thinking and critical inquiry. The Honors Program experience prepares students to become dynamic leaders and passionately engaged global citizens through vibrant scholarly and cultural opportunities.

Philosophies and Goals

The Honors Program, through its curriculum, its learning beyond the classroom experiences and its own mission, promotes the institution's philosophies and goals, especially those that:

  • Work to develop a spirit of inquiry
  • Learn to think logically, to communicate persuasively, to analyze rigorously and to solve problems systematically
  • Formulate worthy goals
  • Clarify career expectations and explore career options
  • Help students become all that they are capable of becoming


Cindy Molitor

Cynthia Molitor, Ph.D.
Director of the Honors Program