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For a list of approved and pending protocols, please review the table below. This information will be updated on the first of each month. For specific questions regarding a protocol, please contact the IRB Administrator.

Updated January 29, 2014


Faculty Contact

Protocol Title

Course or Organ.

Date applied and notes

Training Certif. in Invest. File?

Date Approved

Review Category

Date Closure Form Rec'd

13-62 Dariel Jacobs Formative Assessment: Application in a Secondary Social Studies Classroom MED Rcvd. e-copy 10/25/2013
Rcvd. hard copy 10/25/2013
Yes Yes 12/16/2013 Full Board  
13-63 Dariel Jacobs Attitudes toward International Baccalaureate Program MED Rcvd. e-copy 10/25/2013
Rcvd. hard copy 10/28/2013
Yes Yes Withdrawn Full Board n/a
13-64 n/a Psychosocial and Self-Concept of Emerging Adults Faculty

Rcvd. e-copy 11/4/2013
Rcvd. hard copy 11/4/2013

Yes Yes 11/15/2013 Expedited  
13-65 Dariel Jacobs Executive skill success with eighth grade science students MED

Rcvd. e-copy 11/5/2013
Rcvd. hard copy 11/8/2013

Yes Yes 12/18/2013 Full Board  
13-66 Martha Gallagher Effects of Educating Nurses about Perceived Communication Barriers on Patient Satisfaction Scores MSN

Rcvd. hard copy 11/20/2013
Rcvd. e-copy 11/21/2013

Yes Yes 11/26/2013 Exempt


13-67 Dariel Jacobs Exploring the Concept of Funds of Knowledge and its Effect on the Retention of Curriculum in an Introductory College Course MED

Rcvd. e-copy 11/25/2013
Rcvd. hard copy 11/26/13

Yes Yes 1/3/2014 Expedited  
13-68 n/a Exploring the Advanced Care Planning Practices of Healthcare Professionals Nursing

Rcvd. E-copy 12/5/13
Rcvd. Hard copy 1/10/14

Yes Yes 1/20/2014 Expedited  
14-01 Robert Detwiler Human Resource Management Characteristic Preferences MOL

Rcvd. E-copy 1/14/14
Rcvd. Hard copy 1/22/14

Yes Yes Pending Expedited  
14-02 Robert Detwiler An Evaluation of young Men of Excellence MOL Rcvd. Hard copy 1/24/14 Yes Yes Pending Exempt  
14-03 Pat Galdeen Women of God Who Are Leaders MOL

Rcvd. E-copy 1/27/14
Rcvd. Hard copy 1/27/14

Yes Yes Pending Expedited  
14-04 Crow, Scott ECAR Technology Study 2014 IT

Rcvd. E-copy 1/28/14
Rcvd. Hard copy 1/28/14

- - 1/28/2014 Not Research n/a