Current Tracking

For a list of approved and pending protocols, please review the table below. This information will be updated weekly. For specific questions regarding a protocol, please contact the IRB Administrator.

IRB# Faculty Contact Protocol Title Course or Organ. Date applied and notes Training Certif. in Invest. File? Date Approved Review Category Date Closure Form Rec'd
14-38 Adam Vrable An investigation of personal reading habits of teachers in kindergarten through sixth grade Education

Rcvd. e-copy: July 21, 2014

April 8, 2015

Yes Yes May 22, 2015 Expedited  

Rcvd. hard copy: July 21, 2014

April 8, 2015

14-44 Rachel Duff Anderson Lourdes University Student Exit Survey n/a Rcvd. e-copy September 5, 2014 Yes Yes September 23, 2014 Expedited  
Rcvd. hard copy September 5, 2014
14-59 Terry Keller Applying the CARE-Index in Assessing the Father-Child Attachment Relationship Social Work Rcvd. e-copy 10/7/2014  Yes   November 14, 2014 Full Board Review  
Rcvd. hard copy 10/7/2014
14-63 Jen Sader The Impact of Study Abroad Programs on Student Leadership Development Business Rcvd. e-copy 10/23/2014 Yes Yes November 3, 2014 Expedited  
Rcvd. hard copy  10/24/2014
14-68 Robert Detwiler How does participation in collegiate athletics foster leadership development? Business Rcvd. e-copy 12/4/2014 Yes Yes March 27, 2015 Expedited  
Rcvd. hard copy 12/3/2014
15-05 Larry Godfrey The Relationship Between Locus of Control and Job Satisfaction Psychology Rcvd. e-copy 3/19/2015 Yes Yes April 20, 2015 Expedited  
Rcvd. hard copy 3/19/2015
15-07 Jen Sader Poverty and Academics: What are effective emotionally and socially intelligent teachers doing to help their underprivileged students succeed? Business Rcvd. e-copy  5/18/2015 Yes Yes June 2, 2015 Expedited  
15-08 Judy Didion Noise Pollution and Negative Outcomes Nursing

Rcvd. e-copy 5/18/2015

Yes Yes June 3, 2015 Exempt N/A
15-09 Zajac, Lynne Preventing Postoperative Sore Throat (POST) Nursing Rcvd. e-copy  5/26/2015 Yes Yes June 15, 2015 Expedited  
15-10 Konwinski, Theresa The Role of the Anesthetist in the Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) setting Nursing Rcvd. e-copy   5/27/2015 Yes Yes May 28, 2015 Not Research  
15-11 Hamilton, Hollis Current Practices utilized by CRNA's in the use of Neuromuscular Monitoring and Reversal of Patient's Receiving Nondepolarizing Blocking Agents Nursing Rcvd. e-copy   6/1/2015 Yes Yes July 7, 2015 Expedited  
15-12 Zajac, Lynne Identifying Caregiver and Patient Knowledge and Perception of Barriers in the Prevention of Injurious Falls. Nursing Rcvd. e-copy 6/11/2015    Yes Yes June 18, 2015 Expedited  
15-13 Yost, Kimberly What Makes a Leader Business

Rcvd. e-copy 6/17/2015   

Yes Yes June 23, 2015 Classroom Project  
15-14 Maziarz, Lauren Anesthetic Considerations of Early Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy and Fluid Resuscitation Measures Nursing Rcvd. e-copy 7/2/2015   Yes Yes July 8, 2015 Exempt N/A
15-15 Zajac, Lynne Lourdes University Nurse Anesthesia Conference Nursing Rcvd. e-copy 7/13/2015 Yes Yes July 21, 2015 Exempt N/A
15-16 Didion, Judy Improving Clinical Evaluation Tools Nursing Rcvd. e-copy 7/17/2015 Yes Yes August 18, 2015 Expedited  
15-17 Didion, Judy Integrating Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia for Brachial Plexus Blocks: Curriculum and Simulation Nursing Rcvd. e-copy 7/26/2015 Yes Yes August 3, 2015 Exempt N/A