Current Tracking

For a list of approved and pending protocols, please review the table below. This information will be updated on the first of each month. For specific questions regarding a protocol, please contact the IRB Administrator.

IRB# Faculty Contact Protocol Title Course or Organ. Date applied and notes Training Certif. in Invest. File?  Date Approved Review Category Date Closure Form Rec'd
14-24 Julie Kruse Considering a Relational Model for Depression in Women MSN May 15, 2014 Yes Yes June 23, 2014 Expedited  
14-25 Terry Keller The Effect of Study Abroad in Ireland on Intercultural Competence among Undergraduate College Students Social Work May 6, 2014 Yes Yes June 4, 2014 Expedited  
14-26 Deborah Vargo Monitored Anesthesia-When Patients take the Wrong Turn MSN May 8, 2014 Yes Yes June 10, 2014 Exempt n/a
14-27 Hollis Hamilton Improving Postoperative Pain Management MSN 11-May-14 Yes Yes June 10, 2014 Exempt n/a
14-28 Hollis Hamilton and Mark Grieves Emergence Delirium in U.S. Military Combat Veterans NAP May 28, 2014 Yes Yes July 8, 2014 Exempt n/a
14-29 Patricia O'Connell Coaching Leaders: A Qualitative Study of High School Coaches and Leadership Development in High School Athletes MOL May 13, 2014 Yes Yes Pending Expedited  
14-30 Judy Didion Registered Nurse Competence in Heart Failure Teach Back:  Impact on confidence and conviction MSN May 13, 2014 Yes Yes June 20, 2014 Exempt n/a
14-31 Julie Kruse Are nurses following policy and procedures for administration of warfarin therapy in skilled nursing faculty (SNF) and long term care (LTC)? MSN June 2, 2014 Yes Yes July 8, 2014 Expedited  
14-32 Hollis Hamilton Malignant Hyperthermia: Extending the Continuum of Care Beyond the Surgical Department NAP June 1, 2014 Yes Yes June 13, 2014 Exempt n/a
14-33 Lauren Maziarz And Brian Fink Perceived Perioperative Competence Scale Revised: A Psychometric Self-Assessment Tool for Operating MSN May 5, 2014 Yes Yes June 25, 2014 Exempt n/a
14-34 Lynne Zajac Transition to Practice MSN June 18, 2014 Yes Yes June 25, 2014 Exempt n/a
14-35 Deborah Vargo Management of Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting: Utilizing Evidence Based Practice MSN June 26, 2014 Yes Yes June 30, 2014 Exempt n/a
14-36 Joyce Litten Survey of Saturday Picnic Guests Social Work June 30, 2014 Yes Yes July 2 ,2014 Expedited  
14-37 Michael French Teacher Perceptions of Burnout Education Rcvd. E-copy July 21, 2014 Yes Yes Pending Exempt n/a
Rcvd. Hard copy July 21, 2014
14-38 Michael French An Investigation of Personal Reading Habits of Teachers in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Education Rcvd. E-copy: July 21, 2014 Yes Yes Pending Expedited
Rcvd. Hard copy: July 21, 2014
14-39 Michael French The Perceptions of Learning Centers in Kindergarten Education Rcvd. E-copy: July 25, 2014 Yes Yes Pending Expedited
Rcvd. Hard copy:  July 25, 2014
14-40 Judy Didion Exploration of factors contributing to high scores in the nurse communication category on the HCAHPS survey MSN Rcvd. E-copy July 31, 2014 Yes Yes Pending Exempt n/a
Rcvd. Hard copy  July 25, 2014