ProMedica IRB Partnership Information

ProMedica Health System (PHS) and Lourdes University have implemented a reciprocal IRB Authorization Agreement that allows PHS to rely on the Lourdes University IRB, and Lourdes University to rely on the PHS IRB, for required adult social behavioral reviews. The “Authorizing IRB” delegates the decision making process to the “Reviewing IRB.” The flow sheet (link below) describes the process for deciding which IRB will review a particular research study and thus serve as the “IRB of Record.”

IRB of Record: The IRB of Record will generally be determined by the originating institution of the principal investigator. However, all pediatric research and research involving protected health information (PHI) will be reviewed by the PHS IRB due to the requirement that IRB members have appropriate experience and expertise with the respect to the type of research being reviewed.

IRB Administration has the final authority to determine which IRB will serve as the IRB of Record, considering IRB workload, IRB expertise and other relevant administrative factors.


Agency Permission Form (PDF)
ProMedia Lourdes Consent Template (PDF)


ProMedica IRB Office

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Kristin Booth
IRB Administrator

Lynne Zajac, Ph.D., R.N.
Chairperson, IRB