Pre-Dental preparation students seeking a career in dentistry should pursue a bachelor’s degree which emphasizes coursework in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Students then go on to a graduate program in dental medicine. At Lourdes we suggest either a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology or a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology or Interdisciplinary Studies that allows for electives in the sciences. These degrees will give students a solid preparation for application to dental school. It is most important that you choose a degree program in a subject you are passionate about and that your cumulative grade point average (GPA) reflects a high level of academic success.

Karl EvanoffAlumni Spotlight: Karl Evanoff

Graduate Student

Currently in his third year of dental school at the University of Michigan, Karl says the next few years will see him shadowing dentists and embarking on his career as a DDS – Doctor of Dental Surgery. "My education at Lourdes prepared me well for graduate school," notes Karl. Read Karl's Story


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Robert Detwiler, Ph.D.
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