Planning for a career in medicine begins with a solid, foundational bachelor’s degree and recommended coursework to prepare for the Medical College Admission Test, commonly referred to as the MCAT. At Lourdes, we suggest a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. Note that students can also choose majors such as Psychology, English or Interdisciplinary Studies with additional science courses as their pre-med preparation. It is most important that you study a subject you are passionate about and that you have achieved academic success in that program.

Kyle SnyderAlumni Spotlight: Kyle Snyder

Graduate Student

Kyle is excited to be working on his Ph.D. at The University of Toledo. "I have wanted to be a scientist since I was young," notes Kyle. "The idea of exploring the unknown and discovering new vaccines and findings is so appealing." Read Kyle's Story


Robert Detwiler

Robert Detwiler, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Advising
Director of Prior Learning

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