TRiO: Mission

Trio Support Services

Mission Statement

The Lourdes TRiO program is committed to providing students with personal attention to their academic, cultural, and social needs.

Learning Outcomes

According to the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, The formal education of students consists of the curriculum and the co-curriculum, and must promote student learning and development that is purposeful and holistic. Each program in Student Life must provide evidence of its impact on the achievement of student learning and development outcomes. Relevant and desirable outcomes include: intellectual growth, effective communication, realistic self-appraisal, enhanced self-esteem, clarified values, career choices, leadership development, healthy behaviors, meaningful interpersonal relationships, independence, collaboration, social responsibility, satisfying and productive lifestyles, appreciation of diversity, spiritual awareness and achievement of personal and educational goals. Learning outcomes for TRiO include:

  1. Students will develop leadership skills
  2. Students will increase self-awareness
  3. Students will increase their communication skills
  4. Students will increase their knowledge of financial literacy