Admissions Ambassadors

Megan Smith AKA "Ellie"

Junior, Biology major with a Pre-Med concentration

Ellie SmithStudent involvement:

  • Gray Wolves Lacrosse team
  • Admissions Ambassador
  • Student Government Association
  • LINK
  • Lourdes for Life
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Campus Ministry
  • I also enjoy LEAP events including concerts, a trip to Chicago, Mud Hens and Tigers games
  • Also enjoy following all the Gray Wolves teams
  • Plus – LOVE the free food on campus – which happens often

My favorite Lourdes people
I absolutely love the staff at Lourdes — everyone is so welcoming. Specifically, even when it's a long day in the admissions office — they always help to make sure it's a great one. They are so dedicated to helping new students find their way about campus.

The Campus Ministry gang always makes campus feel like home in its own little way; even for students who have to be away from their family have a place that they can go.

Alisa Smith, our Information Technology Helpdesk Assistant, has grown to be my campus mom. She has also become so helpful in everything that I do on campus.

I also absolutely adore Erin Hafner, Alumni Relations Officer. Her smile is simply just contagious and you just know that she loves her job.

Advice to new students
GET INVOLVED! With everything! College is nothing like high school; there are so many organizations and events that you can be involved in. There are so many student organizations on campus that there is bound to be one you like. If not, follow the lead of a few students last year, create one!

Getting involved on campus helps you meet so many people including people who are just like you and others, who even though they aren't, may become great friends. There are so many events as well and ALWAYS free food on campus. Don't miss the free food. I know it's one of the things that I look forward to on campus!

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