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Mobile, AL - Supporting Each Other

Reaching new heights!

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Spirits Bright Despite Rain

Today was the first day on the work site and the house is still in the beginning stages.

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Great People Lighten the Work

Today it was very rainy, but even so it was a fun day.

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New Experiences ~ New Friends

 Although the week has just begun, the friendships and memories have already grown

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Day 1: Walls and Athletics

Well It’s the end of another awesome day of Habitat, and I thought I’d recap the day.

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The Alabama Crew Has Arrived!

We have finally arrived in sunny and warm Alabama.  The drive down was full of fun and snacks, gifted upon us by many lovely people including the Sisters of St. Francis and Quarry Ridge Community Church.

We were able to grow closer together already in the close quarters of the two vans. The entire team is looking forward to our excursion to New Orleans tomorrow before we begin working on the houses. The people in Alabama are very welcoming and it’s going to be a blast!

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First Day in West Virginia with the Habitat Team

Wow. What a day. After a chilly start leaving Lourdes this morning, we are in balmy Morgantown, West Virginia! We had a great and safe trip here albeit a bumpy one once we got into West Virginia. And I thought the potholes were bad in Ohio!

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The West Virginia Crew Has Arrived!

Early, the morning starts with everyone heading to Lourdes University, seeing the team, a few snapshots, prayer, and Joe being late (because of Rachel as he quotes). The morning starts great - with conversation, travel music, and a reminder of why not to look out the window when you know there is a cliff pleasantly placed nearby.

West Virginia here we are! As we get into West Virginia the excitement, I can see, hits everyone, particularly as we’re trying to figure out if we are actually close. 

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Habitat 2015 Is Officially Underway!

Follow the latest news from the Habitat teams.

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All packed up and ready to go!

West Virginia get ready for the Lourdes Habitat team.

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