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Save time and stress with 10 transfer tips

Transferring from one school to another can be an overwhelming process.  Let K.C. Bailey, Lourdes Transfer Advisor, help you get transferred easily to Lourdes by following her 'Bailey 10'.

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What Cheerleading Taught Me About Life

I have been a cheerleader for most of my life. One of my deciding factors to come to Lourdes was the promise that at some point in my college career Lourdes would have a competition cheer team.

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5 Reasons to Get Involved

Top 5 Reasons to get involved at Lourdes University and how it will help your future.

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Top 5 Things Incoming Freshmen Should Know

Before starting your freshman year in college, everyone seems to give you the same advice and pretty much tell you to stay on track and to keep up with your studies.  However, no one really offers any realistic advice.  Well here are a few things that I think a freshman should know when getting ready to start their college journey.

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