Before starting your freshman year in college, everyone seems to give you the same advice and pretty much tell you to stay on track and to keep up with your studies. However, no one really offers any realistic advice.  Well here are a few things that I think a freshman should know when getting ready to start their college journey.

  1. Talk to Your Roommate About ALL Living Arrangements

There is nothing worse than not getting along with the people that you have to live with for 9 months.  It’s a great idea to talk to your assigned roommate over the summer so you can get a feel for their personality.  It’s also wise to talk about little things like how you like to sleep, what you like to do in your spare time, what your sleep schedule is, what you like to eat, and what you plan on bringing to the apartment. This can cut down on a lot of drama and create a comfortable living environment.

  1. Don’t Expect Your Roommate to be Your Best friend

It’s great to create a friendship with your roommate.  However, don’t count on your roommate to be your best and only friend. You need to go out and meet new people and make your own friends. If you depend on your roommate to be your friend and keep you company you will be very lonely.

  1. The Freshman Fifteen is REAL!

We all hear about the famous freshman fifteen and we all believe that it won’t happen to us. Well guess again. It can and it will happen. As a freshman you spend a lot of time eating and sleeping which makes it easy to pack on a few extra pounds. Don’t trip. It’s easy to gain the weight but it’s also easy to lose it. During the second semester, the weight will melt right off, granted you start to eat a little healthier and work out a little bit.

  1. Have Food in Your Apartment

It is true that as an incoming freshman that stays on campus, you are required to have an unlimited meal plan. It is also true that the grille is known for making some good food. However, that doesn’t mean that you are going to like all of the meals that are prepared at the grille. There will be some days that you won’t like anything that they have cooked. There is also the fact that the shuttle doesn’t run on the weekend and its not fun walking to the school on snow and ice just to eat. This is why it is very important to keep backup food in your apartment. Fast food is not that accessible on this campus if you don’t have a car or know anyone that drives. I suggest that you keep quick meals such as French fries, wings, and hot pockets.

  1. Be Smart When it Comes to Doing Laundry

The laundry facilities on campus are not inside your apartment buildings. You have to take a nice little stroll to one of the laundry buildings to wash your clothes. Now it would be smart to not make this trip to the laundry room harder than it has to be. Smart move one: buy a big laundry basket or laundry sack. It’s a pain in the butt making multiple trips to the laundry room because you couldn’t carry all of your clothes at one time. Smart move two: invest in the detergent pods. There is nothing worse than trying to juggle a laundry basket full of clothes, a big bottle of detergent, and a bottle of bleach. The pods fit in your pocket and it saves time and energy by keeping you from measuring the amount of detergent you have to use. Smart move three: save your quarters. Yes, you will most likely use your flex dollars to wash your clothes, but you will start to use those flex dollars for other things and soon you will run out. If you save the quarters that you get back in change, you won’t have to wait an extra two weeks to wash your clothes.

I hope these five tips will help you as you start your freshman journey at Lourdes!

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