I'd like to share my top 5 reasons to get involved at Lourdes University!

1. Meet New People!

Here at Lourdes there are so many organizations you can get involved in, from Student Government Association (SGA) to Actives Minds to Linking Interest, Needs and Knowledge (LINK). Joining different organizations can help you meet a ton of different people, and these friendships can last a lifetime. 

2. Find your passion.

Joining different groups or sports can help you find what you are truly passionate about. Sometimes you come to college having never played a sport and you just want to try it, and it turns out you are really good at it. College is all about trying new, positive things.

3. Know what is always going on at Lourdes.

Sometimes when you are in certain groups, you know what is going on with the school before everyone else does. It's like getting a sneak peek all the time. It is so fun then to help spread the word about the new fundraiser or the new project going on at Lourdes.

4. Better skills.

Being in different things here at Lourdes can help you with your skills. For example, if you are in a sport and a few different organizations, it can help you with your time-management skills. Also, getting involved can help you with your organizing skills. You have to keep track of what group is doing what so you know what is going on. Those can help with your future job, big time.

Which brings me to my number 5...

5. Resume builder.

Being involved in your school can really help build up your resume with all your new skills you have developed. Also, being in these groups can give you great references for future job hunts. You never know when a certain skill will pop up that you need to have and being involved just might help you develop that.

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