1. The sisters are not what you expect them to be



Sister Barb

I don’t know about you, but I thought of the sisters as little old ladies wearing habits. Although we have some quintessential sisters that look just like that, we also have some awesome, oddball sisters. For example, Sister Barb from Campus Ministry has rode a horse during a Habitat Trip, she dances while singing fig newtons, and she tells plenty of off-the-wall jokes.

2.The amount of free food avaliable is shocking

We have our core values of service, reverence, and learning, but no one ever mentioned the unofficial fourth value: Free food. First week of classes? You need some food. You came to play some Bingo? Food! You sang some karoke? You must be hungry!

3. Making friends is one of the easiest things you will do at Lourdes

Everyone at Lourdes is surprisingly approachable. Like friendly llamas at a petting zoo, some of your friendship will be unexpected yet incredibly awesome!

4. Getting involved is effortless

The phrase 'easy peasy' comes to mind when I think of getting involved with Lourdes. Any student organization loves having new members, not to mention you can beef up your resume (and there's more free food). Even founding a new student organizations, like Active Minds, a mental health awareness group on campus, is way easier than you expect.

5. I am never bored on the weekend...ever

As a residential student a few hours away from home I tend to stay at the Lourdes Commons on the weekends and LEAP (Lourdes Events and Activities Planning) has always got me covered! Chicago day trips, concerts (this year was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis), Toledo Walleye (hockey) and Mud Hens (baseball) games, not to mention Wings & Sings (karaoke and free wings), Build-A-Wolf, and Grocery Shop Bingo keep me entertained all semester long!

6.Lastly I was surprised at how much I have come to love Lourdes

So this is going to sound cheesy, like cheddar cheese-filled, but I love Lourdes and consider it my home. Being a part of the Lourdes community is a unique experience that is hard to describe to people who have not seen it firsthand. It’s a lot like a water park: It looks like a lot of fun from the outside but all the people that have been there know it’s more fun to go in and splash around! I share my love of Lourdes by being an Admissions Ambassador and as an O-team Leader.